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The Little Light (By Dipa Sanatani ) : My thoughts on this Kindle Book

This book begins with such a mystic start that it took me sometime to get hold of  what is going on. The great light that is like the master of this universe meets the little light , a soul like us , but with a great desire  and  ready to be put into a new body , a new life to begin in the physical world  .

With this the story takes us on a  journey of  mysterious ride .It depicts the transfer of the soul from one form to another body that is about the cycle of life - Birth , death and rebirth.

As the light  little in here is presented inquisitive ,  it puts forward many innocent questions and the guardian of the lore along with the other members of the celestial bodies that are the zodiac signs  ,  enlighten it about great truth through wonderful answers , which made me feel good .

Life is mystic , with its painful sufferings , with waves of ups and downs  but it brings knowledge and with each step of good deeds we attain better form , easy path close to almighty .

All the planets then sit together to present it with a  destiny like a family they show their contrasting characters.

This felt very different than the fictions we come across ordinarily. It was filled with philosophical knowledge , a unique plot , very thoughtful , intelligent with  soul introspecting wisdom , sometimes it came out heavy to interpret all the meanings hidden in those lines after the fag end of the day as many were metaphorical in nature . Beautiful book with  filled philosophical fantasy trying to preach the messages of ultimate truth through a cosy story  .

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