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Ghosts of The Silent Hills: Stories based on true hauntings

BOOK : Ghosts of The Silent Hills: Stories based on true hauntings
GENRE : Horror 
AUTHOR : Anita Krishan
BOOK LENGTH : 312 pages
PUBLISHED BY : Fingerprint! Publishing

I used to read horror stories back in my childhood days . After a long while, I picked up this book to take a break from the genres I usually read. The cover is so eye-catching , dark and spooky ! There are total 10 short stories in it . In part one , the five stories are based on real incidents from author's own life . When she was a little girl, with her parents, she used to live in Shimla, a place with its  temperate climate that grows more gloomy with the arrival of winters  and snow wraps up the hilly location along with the dense forests of pine and oak trees. As the place grows less crowded, days and nights feel more aloof at times from the whole world . 

Ghost stories are such that the suspense is built slowly and makes your imagination run wild in which narration plays a big role .It must make you  feel the jolt at the right time .

 Mrs. Krishan's way of story telling is very smooth . The way Hari Ram showed up at the home of Neema was hair rising and yes if read at night, the chase of the unholy soul for  the innocent young lady with  her little kids will not fail to bring goosebumps on your skin too. 

Mrs.Krishan's  father worked as a teacher in the nearby school and her mother was a homemaker . With a group of other employees they lived as a community near a hill . The gloomy atmosphere of hilly area as the background brought some real fearsome effect in the tales. 

In part 2 , there are another set of five stories which are not connected to author's life directly or maybe they are fictions . I liked the story of the little girl. It started with a sad neglected little girl going through troublesome childhood and domestic drama . She acquired a sickening cough suddenly , that started getting worse with time . Soon after that , her aloof parents shifted their residence from Canberra , Australia to another place . Things started to take mysterious turns from there and uncanny events started to occur in the lives of little Suzie and Peter.

 I also liked the story named 'Lonely in Death' where Sagar with his pregnant wife and his little son moves to his native place , a hilly location near the Dhauladhar range . Somehow from the same night he starts to act weirdly .He is not comfortable with switching off the lights , encountering a mysterious shadow near their new veranda and suspense starts to take shape . Similarly the other stories are enjoyable too. I watch horror movies quiet often . Reading ghost stories for me don't easily create such extraordinary spine chilling effects but the gripping narration made all the difference. I recommend it as I liked the book . Hopefully you will enjoy the thrilling tales too.