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Janaka and Ashtavakra - A Journey Beyond

Usually I am not a regular reader of Mythological reads . But if they contain philosophical and spiritual elements that can help me broaden my perspective of life, I like reading them. 

Janaka and Ashtavakra - A Journey Beyond by Ashraf Karayath is such a novel that is enlightening in one word.It revolves around the Indian epic Ramayana. Janaka ,we all know was the father of Sita.Even though he was vigorously searching for enlightenment in everything , he forgot basic things of life. 

His group of court sages are baffled , they feel it in the air through different beliefs and myths that a calamity is arriving. Janaka discusses with Sita about sending help against Raavan's attack for the kingdom of Dasharath , the father of Ram and after that swayamvar takes place. 

Every description is vivid and pictorial. The vigour of the royal courts , festivals can be imagined lucidly . But an impending conspiracy is also in the rise and it has entered the boundaries of Mithila. When will the life-changing event happen in Janaka life ? 

The prophet of all wisdom Ashtavakra will change his way of thinking ,  whole perspective towards his search for moksha, Ahimsa , kindness and let him introspect and understand existence is beyond the cage of the body. 

I liked reading about different mythological stories involving story of princes, citizens,sages , demons in the path of right and wrong teaching us great learnings of life from the ancient wisdom.The conversation among Sita, Janaka, Ashtavakra and in the earlier chapters with other sages were intriguing. 
The narration is flawless.I think if you are a mythology lover , you shall pick it up ! 

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