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Be You by Chris Cirak

“To be you is to fulfil your life’s purpose and to fulfil the purpose of life.”-Chris Cirak

Be You by Mr. Chris Cirak is all about empowering a reader to be their best self by regaining the faith in oneself. As I started to read this book that aims to take you on a thoughtfully crafted self-realization journey, I started to understand that the main aim of the book is to remind you that you are worthy of everything if you remember your self-worth. Many a times in the course of our lives we forget our self-esteem. This book in each step reminds you to brush that settled dirt away by motivating yourself.

The different chapters revolve around emphasizing on your core values, insisting you to understand  your specific purpose of life, to achieve those goals being YOU and not forcefully change yourself like the world demands sometimes. 
I too believe that the first step towards life and success is to understand one’s own self. It provides ancient knowledge that improves quality of life.

It breaks down the basic knots and barriers faced in this path. Here author emphasizes on the importance of self-love and clearing stuck feelings.

The brief chapters on loneliness, depression, willpower, forgiveness, trust, coincidence, time helps a reader to get motivated, cultivate faith and remain hopeful in the path of betterment by increasing inner confidence. I really felt related to the “Nature” Chapter mostly because I feel very connected towards mother nature. I also liked the discussion on “Thought Awareness”.

I recommend this book to everyone.
“There is no doubt the world can make up happy. The issue arises from expecting the world to make you permanently happy.” -Be You, Chris Cirak.